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  • Guardianship Rights

    Guardianship Rights

    Guardianship is the legal term for the rights and responsibilities that a parent has in relation to their child. These responsibilities include the duty to financially maintain and care for the child. They also include the right to make decisions in important areas of the child’s life such as how they are educated, the school…

  • Kevin P O’Flynn

    Kevin P O’Flynn

    Property Transactions, Banking, Estate Planning and Administration, Trusts, Wills, Landlord and Tenant, Construction and Commercial Law.

  • Aislinn Collins

    Aislinn Collins

    Family Law, Civil Litigation and Court applications, Dispute Resolution, Assisted Decision-Making Procedures and Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Alana Nolan

    Alana Nolan

    Estate planning & Administration to include Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Deeds of family arrangement. Property transactions to include agricultural & family transfers and agricultural leases.

  • Anne Phillips

    Anne Phillips

    Commercial and Contract Law with particular experience in Information Technology, Outsourcing, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Sponsorship.

  • Liz Murphy

    Liz Murphy

    Property transactions to include private and commercial, leases, mortgages, agricultural and family transfers, Administration of Estates, Trusts and Wills.

  • Vivienne Ring

    Vivienne Ring

    Estate Planning and Administration including Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Property Transactions to include private, commercial and agricultural.

  • Colette McCarthy

    Colette McCarthy

    Civil and Criminal Defence, Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Licensing, Employment Law, Child Custody, Access, Maintenance, Domestic Violence and Family Law.

  • Helen Collins

    Helen Collins

    All aspects of Family Law, Dispute Resolution, Civil & Criminal Litigation and Judicial Review.

  • Litigation


    Litigation can include personal injury cases, material damage cases, defamation, equity cases, debt collection, and much more. Litigation can be extremely stressful and we will assist and guide you through each step of the process and progress the matter for you as quickly as possible.

  • Property & Conveyancing

    Property & Conveyancing

    We offer a comprehensive service on all aspects of conveyancing – residential, investment and commercial. Our Conveyancing Department provides an extensive range of services to private and corporate clients who are engaged in selling, leasing or developing property.