Debt Management

Are you worried about increasing debts?

Are you afraid of being sued for outstanding bills?

Are you afraid you won’t get paid the money you are owed?

Turning a blind eye will only make matters worse – the only way to solve the problem is to deal with it.

We can help.

Our experience in the field of debt management, coupled with our negotiation and mediation skills, could offer a solution to your problems.

Why not make an appointment with us to see if we can assist you?

An initial assessment of your situation will be free of charge.

The sooner you take action, the sooner your problems will be resolved.

The recession caused serious pressure on people, families and businesses and we have seen huge increases in debt-related proceedings coming before the courts.

Being in court is a very difficult experience for anyone.

It is a costly and time-consuming place for a creditor in his/her efforts to recover payments due.

It is a costly and very stressful place for a debtor, and yet another serious pressure on his/her business and family.

We believe that by adopting a “can-do” and skilled approach we can deliver a better and more effective result for you.

In our considerable experience in this area we have learned that “one solution does not necessarily fit all” and the successful resolution of any given problem is best achieved by a targeted, pragmatic and client-tailored process.

We are a multi-skilled and goal-oriented debt management team. In applying our in-depth legal knowledge, our mediation, collaborative, communication and (if necessary) litigation skills we can explore all reasonable possibilities to deliver a win-win result for both debtor and creditor.

Services provided:

Services for creditors:

  • Review of all monies due
  • Assessment of current status of debts and credit agreements
  • Development of a practical and effective recovery strategy
  • Liaising and negotiating with debtors
  • Securing ongoing payments
  • Dealing with any court matters

Services for debtors:

  • Arranging collection of all relevant information
  • Review of all financial matters
  • Development of a practical payment strategy
  • Liaising and negotiating with creditors
  • Re-negotiating terms and conditions with creditors/banks/lenders
  • Attending to any court matters

Steps to be taken:

  1. Please help us to help you. Please prepare as much information as possible to allow us to make a preliminary and general assessment of your situation and let us have any court documents, letters of claim, bank documents, details of other debts and general information on your assets and income.
  2. Contact us to arrange an appointment for your initial assessment.
  3. We will examine the information and discuss with you a preliminary “strategy plan.” We will provide for you an assessment of our costs and will arrange with you for a mutually suitable payment plan to be put in place.
  4. On the basis of matters proceeding we will ask you to provide any additional relevant documents.
  5. We will open communication with the creditor/debtor and further develop an effective strategy tailored to your particular situation.
  6. We will carry out the necessary steps to achieve (taking all matters into consideration) the best possible resolution for you.