Domestic Violence

This is something which can occur in every Social and Economic grouping of Society. There is no specific type of person to whom it occurs and there is no specific type of home in which it happens. Whilst women are usually the victims of domestic violence men may also be victims. Unfortunately men are less likely to bring the matter to the attention to the Gardai or bring the matter before the Courts.

Domestic violence includes physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse in adult relationships (the legal protection also covers dependent persons who are exposed to domestic violence).

No one should have to endure violence from another person in any relationship. Anyone who suffers any incident of domestic violence should make a complaint to the Gardai about the incident or incidents, attend their medical practitioner if they have suffered injury, document the injury and if there are physical symptoms take photographs of the injury, and attend with their solicitor to make an application to the Courts for the appropriate Order to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

There are a number of support groups around the county established to help victims of domestic violence. Crisis accommodation and refuges are also available in the larger towns and cities.

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