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Huge congratulations are in order for the Wolfe & Co LLP Managing Partner Helen Collins for being appointed by the Supreme Court as a Notary Public. Helen is pictured above at her recent graduation ceremony in the Law Society of Ireland with the Chief Justice, The Honorable Mr. Justice Donal O’Donnell. Helen Collins is a […]
The slightest mention of a will or an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) can elicit fear in even the most rational of people. We understand that these are generally things that most people do not want to think about. However, their importance cannot be overemphasised. Having a will and an EPA in place will ensure […]
  A family farm is a complex asset. The farm may have been held for generations and in diverse forms of ownership. For example, the assets and business may be held through a limited company with numerous shareholders, who are often other family members. It may be held through a will trust or family partnership. […]
Wolfe & Co LLP Solicitors are celebrating all of our strong, intelligent and powerful women today and every day. The Law Society of Ireland are today marking 100 years since the first female Solicitor was entered on to the Roll. What a journey it has been.
New EU regulations have prompted companies to move their pension schemes to a master trust which manages multiple pension schemes and are an attractive option for companies as the increased risk and compliance costs can be spread across all of the participating employers using the trust. “Why does this affect me?”, I hear you ask. […]
Many people come into a relationship bringing with them an already established family business. Others may choose to establish a new family business, together or separately, during a relationship. However, when relationships fail and couples are faced with Divorce, the question of what will happen to this business then naturally becomes a source of huge […]
If you are going through a divorce, “proper provision” is a term that you will hear umpteen times. Your solicitor will say it, your barrister will say it, the Judge will say it. “But what does it mean?” – clients ask on a daily basis. Proper provision is the test which the Family Law Courts […]
Aislinn Collins, who has been with the firm since 2017 and who many of our clients will already know, has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors. Aislinn graduated from the University of Limerick with an honours degree in Law Plus in 2015. She continued to study and achieved a post-graduate honours degree in Law […]
It is well reported that divorce levels in Ireland, post-pandemic, reached a record high. Even more widely reported was the record high reached by the property market in Ireland, and in particular in West Cork. The Family Law Court has a constitutional obligation to ensure “proper provision” for separating families and the Court’s main priority […]