Small Claims

The Small Claims Court was designed to be an easier and less expensive way of resolving consumer complaints. If you have a claim which does not exceed €2,000.00, you may be able to have the matter settled without the necessity of employing a Solicitor. Your local District Court Office provides this service. Most matters dealt with in the Small Claims Court relate to faulty goods and bad workmanship. Faulty electrical goods and cars are often the subject matter of a complaint. Minor damage to property also falls within the scope of the Small Claims Court as does the return of security deposits in holiday lettings. There are many claims which cannot be dealt with in the Small Claims Court however. These include claims arising out of libel or slander, title to property, items purchased at auction, traffic accidents and personal injuries even if caused by faulty goods or services. A claim relating to the property of a marriage cannot be dealt with in the Small Claims Court.

To avail of the Small Claims procedure, you must have bought goods or services from someone who provided same in the course of a business.

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