Employment Law

Employment Law has seen considerable change over the last number of years.  There is constant on-going reform and development in the area and our firm prides itself in keeping up to date with all such changes brought about by legislation as well as through decisions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal, High Court and other employment authorities.

We are experienced in advising both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law including:

  • Various Statutory Entitlements
  • Termination of Contracts and Unfair Dismissals
  • Health and Safety and Equality in the workplace
  • Staff Procedures including grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Transfer of Undertakings
  • Representation before all Courts and Tribunals including the High Court, the Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Rights Commissioner and the Labour Court
  • Compliance with all Statutory requirements.

As there are strict rules and regulations governing this area, it is important for clients to take advice early in respect of employment law matters and our firm are happy to deal with any queries and concerns that clients may have.

Our firm also recognises the growing non-national sector of our population.  Employment Law legislation applies equally to all workers regardless of nationality and we are happy to provide advice and assistance in relation to work permits and visas as well as and statutory entitlements rights.

Employment Compliance Service

We at Wolfe & Co. LLP Solicitors are pleased to offer a review and consultation service in Employment Law.

This service can be tailored to suit your needs, and will consist of:

  1. Pre-consultation review of company policies, employment contracts, health and safety policies, grievance procedures, etc.
  2. Opportunity to raise any particular questions regarding employment law to be answered during consultation.
  3. At the consultation, advices given in respect of any queries which have been raised, on quality of documentation and any deficiencies there may be with the documentation.
  4. General advices will also be provided at consultation on request, dealing with, for example, how to give warnings, how to deal with disciplinary matters, employee conflicts etc.

If there are any documents / policies which employer may be lacking these can be provided as part of the service.

The service can be offered to existing employer clients and advertised on the website and in the office.